Linda , I have to thank you so sincerely for all your invaluable help, with your guidance I have achieved a goal I set out to reach 5 years ago - in only 6 weeks!!

Linda guided me expertly to find my own wisdom about how to achieve it and with her help any stumbling blocks that had made me shy away from getting started on it in the past, seemed very easy to deal with. One of the biggest benefits from working with Linda has been the change in my attitude, I can now honestly say that I feel more confident, positive and capable and so ready to achieve more of my goals!!, thank you so much.

Helen O'Brien, Galway, Ireland

Working with Linda has helped me get more organised and has helped me really see some good things about myself. I gained clarity and focus by identifying the things that are important to me right now and I also saw the things that are holding me back from living the life I want. We then worked on building my confidence to deal with these areas and Linda really helped me find tools to help me move forward in my personal and professional life. Linda created a safe and non-judgemental environment for me, which I really appreciated.

Victoria Thygesen, Galway, Ireland

Before working with Linda I felt very stuck with writing an e-book and it seemed to me that I would never finish it. With Linda's excellent understanding about people in the creative sector, I made a huge shift. She knows how the creative mind works and how to unlock it. Linda helped me develop the confidence and clarity I needed to follow through and get the e-book written. I have now achieved a big milestone on my way to launch my new business. I can recommend her to anyone in the highest terms.'

Sandra Heim, Fulcha, Germany

'Linda really motivated me, especially at a time when I had a lot of will but no motivation to move forward in my life. She is such a lovely person and although we haven't met face to face, she was still able to communicate with me personally on a one to one basis. I am eternally grateful for Linda's support and encouragement to reach my goals'

Sumaira M, Birmingham, England

'Linda's style of coaching was encouraging and not prescribed. She helped me to establish my main goal and to break it down into manageable chunks. The sessions were interesting and thought provoking, and we used a variety of tools to achieve the different stages. I now understand what motivates me and how my values are compatible with my goal.'

Jane C, Leeds, England




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